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Centuries- Fall Out Boy- Review 

(Disclaimer: I wrote this for a school project so 1) it has been heavily borrowed from other sites (that was the task) and 2) I won’t always write this seriously :))

“We’ll go down in history, remember me for centuries”, the iconic line from the new fall out boy single of their up-coming 6th album, yet to be named. With the phenomenal success of their latest album save rock and roll, selling over 584,000 copies and debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in the US, and their growing popularity with the mainstream music audiences, it is possible fall out boy could well go down in history. The concept behind the song is a ‘david vs goliath story’ Pete Wentz, the bassist, told DIY magazine, “When we were growing up, it was like, ‘We’ll never be U2 because we’re from the suburbs of Chicago and nothing happens here’ but the idea now is to inspire that kid- you can be the person up onstage and its only the power of belief that’s going to get you there”. Much like the chart-topper ‘My songs know what you did in the dark’ and ‘phoenix’ from the last album centuries shows off Fall Out Boy’s remarkable knack for creating anthems, combining powerful interesting lyrics, strong drum beats driving the song, dynamic pace changes and clever use of percussion and backing vocals. This creates a perfect pop-rock anthem with some depth and interest too it, its more than just a catchy chorus.

However this time its not all their own work, the vocal hook played at the start and throughout the piece “doo-doo-doo” was borrowed from the 80’s song ‘Tom’s Diner’ by Suzanne Vega, but you only need to listen to the original to realise it might as well be their own. The way they’ve used it is as if the fact it was originally from Tom’s diner is part of the song, using borrowed here is definitely correct. Frontman, Patrick Stump said “I feel like it was so ubiquitous when we were kids. I mean that song was absolutely everywhere and it just kind of disappeared. I haven’t heard it in a minute. And I was like that’s a shame. That was such an amazing song. I would love for that to get some kind of tip of the hat.”

As for the video, they have only released the ‘hyperlapse edition’ so far with promises on instagram to release the official one soon. In this edition they pay tribute to their home city, Chicago, which as kids, like many bands, they thought they’d never get out of. The camera flies through the city showing the main landmarks and everyday life in Chicago in a faded black and white (with red tinges) and finishes with a promo in graffiti on a Chicago wall. The video is interesting and fits well with the song but really only makes me more excited for the official video, which I suppose means its serves its purpose. This is a very exciting offering from Fall Out Boy and suggests the next album is going to be just as exciting, Wentz told DIY they had written most of the new album and recorded about half of it. He estimated it will be finished early 2015.

Hey There


So I feel the need to write that obligatory welcome blog post so if anyone ever decides to read this they can find out a bit about this thing I’ve got going. This is going to be a blog where I write reviews and articles about music, to try and chase my dream of becoming a music journalist. So a bit about me I guess, I’m 16, studying my a levels and a northerner, I almost died as a toddler because I thought it would be a good idea to eat some poisonous berries, I’ve never been on a roller coaster, I used to be vegan, I cant remember a time when I only lived in one house and I’m scared I wont make my mark on this world and I’ll be forgotten, oh and that’s me up there. I’ve loved and lived music my whole life thanks to my dad playing music throughout the house 24/7 for my whole life, I love the way it has so much hidden power for change and how most people don’t realise how tenuous it is, you change one note or word in a song and it changes the entire song and what it means, what it’s saying, how it makes you feel, what it makes you do, I think that’s what makes music so special. Currently my favourite artists include: arctic monkeys, 5 seconds of summer, the 1975, green day, all time low, nirvana, jimi hendrix, fall out boy, X ambassadors, bastille, my chemical romance, cage the elephant, the beatles, the kooks, bob dylan, imagine dragons, the kinks,  the white stripes, the clash, the all american rejects, blink 182, the who, oasis, sum 41…. And I’ve been through a lot of phases in my music taste (the ‘whatever dad likes’ phase, the dreaded ‘one direction and other tweeny bop’ phase, the ‘pop-punk’ phase, the ’60s-80s’ phase, the ‘punk rock emo’ phase) and now I’m at this mish mash stage of genres that I don’t really know how to define. I’ve also known from a young age that being a musician isn’t for me, I’ve tried to learn instruments but none of them clicked, and I cant sing to save my life, one thing I think I can do though is write. Though I’m no fool, I know my writing needs a lot of work, which is why I started this blog, to try and improve this.

Ok enough about me, I’m going to answer the question that will inevitably asked if anyone ever reads this blog, ‘What does the name mean?’. I chose beatific because, as well as looking music related the definition is ‘appearing happy and calm, especially in a holy way’ which I think is pretty relevant as to how music makes me feel. As the great man who watches over me from my wall once said “Music is my religion”- Jimi, Hendrix, and that’s why I chose that name. 

It scares me how much good music there is out there that i haven’t discovered yet, but I’m hopeful through this blog I will discover more, so if you wanna do that too, you can join me.

Izzy :)